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Personal Impact

• 80% of New Orleans flooded, an area equal in size to seven Manhattan Islands.

• 1,500 people died; 134 remain missing. *

• 204,000-plus homes severely damaged. 

• 800,000-plus citizens forced to live outside of their homes - the greatest diaspora since the Dust Bowl of the 30's. Nearly 40,000 former New Orleans households still reside outside of Louisiana two years after Hurricane Katrina.

• 81,688 FEMA trailers were originally occupied. Two years after Katrina, almost 45,000 families in Louisiana are still in trailers, many of which are shown to have unsafe levels of formaldehyde toxicity.

• 1.2 million families received Red Cross assistance.

• 33,544 persons rescued by Coast Guard.

• 34 years’ worth of trash and debris in New Orleans alone.

• 900,000 insurance claims at a cost of $22.6 billion.

* As of 8/20/2007

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